listen to keith taunting backes after that horrible hit lmao “wakey wakey backes” good god good god 


i want to gif the leafs but i’m still so angry at them for losing 8 straight in a row and then there’s also that time they made jer buy their team dinner i hate them 

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to find out u should ask his girlfriend. or shea weber ;;;;;;;-)

sheavajayjay? i always knew that beard was hiding his secrets. thnx for the inside source~

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omg no i wish i had the brain to come up with such ground breaking questions though…. btw is cody gay?

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once someone asked me if cody’s gay

oh…… that was me ……

Anonymous whispered: hey do you have a link to kadri on hnic?

nope but check the cbc website you might find something on there

Anonymous whispered: How old is megan raymond ?

how am i suppose to know? man whoever you are asking me all these personal questions about mase you needa chill he’s not a celebrity he’s a hockey player please respect his boundaries and stop trying to invade his personal life

nazem kadri being adorable on the hnic playoff panel