"We all got dressed up and usually one of our dads or parents would drive us neighborhood to neighborhood and we would just run around crazy for a few hours. It was so much fun. I wish we could still do it but I don’t know if people would take too kindly to giving candy to a 25 year-old"

i’m such a party pooper but i really don’t like the way wings fans throw an octopus on the ice like call me the peta but it’s so mean to the little thing 


Carbomb interacting with Flyers fans after his goal

raps won yay something nice happened to this city

the worst type of people in toronto are the ones who are always like “yo t dot pride drizzy drake yo raptoooors playoffs AYE” but then are like go habs go!


oh my god max pacioretty is a literal piece of shit can someone please flush him down the toilet already

it’s going to be the habs and the bruins how do i even choose someone to win that series ew

angry stammer shit i’m sweating bon bon de la crossainte