every player from every NHL team  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: Alexander Semin of the Carolina Hurricanes

mase isn’t going to be in a blue jersey this year and it kinda bums me out :/

In Anahim Lake to promote his new role as First Nations Ambassador for the Breakfast Club of Canada, Price was excitedly received by his biggest fans: the Ulkatcho and Nuxalk communities.

Anonymous: "Are you going to Fan fest?"

nah i’m not into things like that, i have no patience to wait around in lines to meet players. and i don’t really care about seeing dressing rooms or touring whatever. if i want to meet the players i’ll just go to chipotle since like half the team lives there


😍😍 scruffy baby bernier 😍😍

Nikolai Kulemin vs. The Ice Bucket Challenge ft. Mikhail Grabovski. x